There have obviously been great leaps in awareness of the global ecological and biospheric challenges that we face; yet this is just the beginning. Our collective task is to create stories that attract and engage more people to participate in all ways from lessening consumption to becoming more efficient in energy use to incorporating ecological mindfulness into their workplace and creative expression.

EcoNouveau’s mission is to drive the green movement deeper into the local/global consciousness by highlighting the most exciting and fresh output of great designers, artists, musicians, activists and businesses in the most artful and accessible ways possible. It is our intention to showcase these vital innovators to a broader audience of influential culture-makers who can spread these ideas to their respective audiences, constituencies, friends and colleagues in their own voices and creative output.

EcoNouveau’s goal is to provide information, ideas and experience to connect like-minded people who are creating innovative solutions to our most pressing problems on the planet. 

Vive la revolution!

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